Custom Metal Products Team

Jonas Waddell - President and Founder

Jonas Waddell

President and Founder

Jonas is the president and founder of Custom Metal Products. He has over 25 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing and design of fabricated products for industrial industries. It includes various storage racking systems, along with material handling equipment for large building supply companies in the construction, glass, and granite industries. This direct experience in operations allows Custom Metal Products to fully understand our current customer needs and expectations. In addition, throughout his career, Jonas has also been able to innovate, design and build custom material handling solutions for small business clients up to large public corporations. Jonas truly understands the importance of building quality products with timely and turnkey solutions. He believes that quality is Custom Metal Products benchmark and the foundation his company is built on.

Greg Hunnicutt - General Manager

Greg Hunnicutt

General Manager

Greg has approximately 20 years of experience in the fabrication, construction and automotive industries. He is skilled in operations management, business process improvement, quality management and team building. At Custom Metal Products, Greg is responsible for overseeing and managing custom fabrication projects along with overseeing quality initiatives. Greg has previously served as a production and plant manager for several large multi-million dollar corporations. His project management experience serves Custom Metal Product’s customers well as he has the knowledge to consult on their fabrication and related design needs to make sure the end product built satisfies the intent of the order placed.

Amanda Williams - Office & Operations Manager

Amanda Williams

Office & Operations Manager

Amanda has worked with Custom Metal Products for over 3 years. Amanda works daily with customers assisting with quoting projects, procuring inventory needed to complete orders and managing the workflow of jobs in a timely manner. In addition, Amanda provides the front office support along with handling the bookkeeping and human resources needs for the Company.

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What Sets Us Apart

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Family-owned
  • Glass Rack Leader
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Racking Solutions Expert
  • Experienced and Reliable
  • Quality and Dependable Products
  • Materials Handling Fabricator Leader
  • Serve both Small Businesses and Large Public Companies across the US