Material Handling

Carts, Dollies and Racks

  • Door And Window Cart
  • Expandable Door Cart
  • Transport Cart
  • Rolling A-Frame
  • Glass Stationery A-Frame Racks
  • Glass A-Frame
  • Glass Harp Racks
  • L-Bucks
  • Custom Glass Drawer Systems
  • Trim Cart
  • Hoop Cart
  • Tilt Table

Door and Window Cart

Our standard stackable racks are built to securely hold and store large volumes of windows, doors, or any other product you require solid storage for.

Expandable Door Cart

These carts are similar to our standard door and window carts; however, they have the ability to extend each side out as more capacity is required.

Transport Cart

These large A-Frame carts are designed to hold a large amount of product as it is built, and then be loaded and shipped out. These racks include ½” plastic strips attached to all the bearing surfaces of the rack to protect your product, as well as removable, heavy-duty castors. This allows easy movement around the production facility, and rock-solid transport, once removed and the racks are loaded on a truck.

Rolling A- Frame

These carts allow safe two-sided storage and transport for large sheets around your shop.

Glass Stationary A-Frame

These A-Frames carry over much of their construction from our top-notch vehicle glass racks. With a large capacity, soft rubber bearing surfaces, and a rust-free, aluminum construction, you can expect a long service life on these A-Frames.

Glass A-Frame

Similar to our stationary A-Frames, these accomplish the same thing while allowing for easy movement, due to the heavy-duty castors and a floor lock.


Large, high strength racks with a 5-degree pitch to ensure heavy sheets sit securely for storage and transport. With your choice of plastic or rubber to line the bearing surfaces of your L-Buck, there is nowhere safer for your products to be.

Unit Cart

These heavy-duty carts are an economical way to easily move large amounts of parts or product around your shop in a safe manner. Their simple design allows them to be used for a variety of parts/products.

Glass Harp Racks

Harp racks are a fantastic way to store and transport glass within your shop. These heavy-duty carts have slots, CNC routed to fit your glass, and rubber coated steel rods to keep your glass secure and intact. All screws are countersunk, and the plastic along the back of the rack ensure nothing will chip or damage your glass.

Glass Drawer Systems

Custom Metal Products designs and fabricated custom glass rack drawer systems for storing large format sheets of glass and stone. These large drawer systems allow easy access to vertical storage of large products, saving shop space, and increasing worker safety. With large structural steel components, heavy duty rolling elements, and superior design, CMP’s drawer systems can provide your shop with the best storage solutions available.

Miscellaneous Metal Work

Do you need something that is not one of our regular products? We not only offer custom versions of all of our products, we do miscellaneous metal work, ranging from repairs, rebuilds, to handrailing, structural, bollards, etc. CMP is your one stop shop for all your custom metal needs.

Trim Cart

Custom built for stacking and storing long pieces of trim, or any other long materials, our trim carts make handling and organizing your materials easier than ever.

Hoop Cart

Hoop carts are custom made to aid in door frame assembly. The trim can be pre-assembled, stored on these racks, and then moved to the next step for full door assembly. The large casters and floor lock allow for smooth movement around your shop, and secure stop when stationary. The rollers located on the front of the cart aid in easy, scratch free, removal of the trim from the rack.

Tilt Table

These specialty tilting tables are designed for heavy door production. They allow the door to be built on the scratch free starboard top, and then allows for tilt with the assistance of springs to an adjustable upright position for easy offloading. The table contains return dampers that aid in safe lowering of the table surface back to horizontal.

The table will lock in the horizontal position for stable production. A nail gun holster and swinging parts bins are integrated into the table, tucked neatly under the table for easy access, while eliminating snagging when not in use.

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