A-Frame Racks & Other Racks

Material Handling – Racks (A-Frame and Other Racks)

Rolling A-Frame

These carts allow safe two-sided storage and transport for large sheets around your shop.

Glass Harp Racks

Harp racks are a fantastic way to store and transport glass within your shop. These heavy-duty carts have slots, CNC routed to fit your glass, and rubber coated steel rods to keep your glass secure and intact. All screws are countersunk, and the plastic along the back of the rack ensure nothing will chip or damage your glass.

Glass Stationery A-Frame Racks

These A-Frames carry over much of their construction from our top-notch vehicle glass racks. With a large capacity, soft rubber bearing surfaces, and a rust-free, aluminum construction, you can expect a long service life on these A-Frames.

Glass A-Frame

Similar to our stationary A-Frames, these accomplish the same thing while allowing for easy movement, due to the heavy-duty castors and a floor lock.

Customized A-Frame and Other Racks

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